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Study questions 5 1. Mark the cellular features useful in differentiating prokaryotes from eukaryotes: flagella, pili, cell wall, plasma membrane, membrane invagination, organelles, ribosomes, nucleus 2. Consider a self reproducing entity such as a computer virus or worm. Is it alive? Why? 3. The surface of a peripheral protein is most likely to display these type of amino acid side chains 4. On what part of a membrane would you expect to find the following, alone or as part of a larg- er molecule. If the name is new to you, look it up on your book or the internet: a. phosphates b. carbon-hydrogen chains c. positively charged N atoms d. polysaccharide chains e. tryptophan f. serine g. glutamate Answers: internal core, in surface layer, attached to surface 5. Water molecules can be labeled by the use of a H isotope called Deuterium (D has a neutron and proton in its atomic core, H has only a proton). D2O, D-based water, has similar proper- ties to H20, but can be detected and measured. If a vesicle bound by a lipid bilayer mem-
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