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study questions 8 - Study questions 8 Enzymes You have...

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Study questions 8 Enzymes You have found a test tube containing an amber-colored liquid. A very small drop of this liquid added to a solution of pyruvate in a buffer* results in the appearance in the reaction mix of acetic aldehyde and CO2. Assume that you can easily measure the quantities of reagents and products of this reaction. Your task is to determine the basis of the amber liquid properties. *(a solution that resists changes in pH used to ensure that physiological conditions are employed) 1. Does the amber solution contain a catalyst? How would you determine it? 2. Does the amber solution contain an enzyme? How would you determine it? 3. If the amber solution contains an enzyme, how would you determine whether it is made of protein or RNA? ------------------ 4. The enzyme invertase hydrolyzes sucrose to glucose and fructose. The active site of invertase will bind the following molecules: The enzyme phospho-fructokinase (PFK) is a key enzyme of glycolysis. It converts fructose-6P (F6P) to fructose-1,6P (F1,6P).
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