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Study questions 4 If a strand of DNA contains only purines, the complementary strand 1. Will not contain the following bases : (G,A) because it must contain only pyrimidines 2. Will have a molecular weight (heavier), because (double-ringed purines are heavier than pyrimidines) Consider the phosphate containing backbone of DNA 3. The ionizing properties of the backbone make it (acidic and hydrophilic) 4. A protein that has the following property would be more likely to bind and stick to DNA: (ba- sic and hydrophilic) 5. Consider the difference between ice and water. Which one has more intact H-bonds? Ice 6. Using water as a model, predict the simplest physical treatment that would cause the two strands of dsDNA to separate. Heat. Heat breaks H-bonds in ice to make water and can also break the H-bonds that base pair DNA. 7. Suppose that you have two types of DNA. One, called S, is single stranded and does not dis- play any internal pairing. The other one, called D, is double stranded. You have a simple
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