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Study questions 11 1. Compare and contrast (if appropriate) the characteristics of each item common to the electron transport chain (ETC) of respiration vs the ETC of photosynthesis: Table of questions Item Respiration ETC Photosynthesis ETC Direct donor of e- NADH Chlorophyll in photosystem Ultimate e- acceptor O2 NADP Ultimate source of e- Glucose, or other E-rich molecule H2O Net effect of e- flow Formation of ATP Formation of ATP and NADPH Energy input for system E-rich compounds Light Synthesis of ATP ATPase and H+ gradient ATPase and H+ gradient Location of ETC Inner membrane of mitoch. Membrane of thylakoid Location of H+ accumulation Intermembrane space Thylakoid space 2. Compare and contrast (if appropriate) the characteristics of each item common to the Krebs
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Unformatted text preview: cycle of respiration vs the Calvin cycle of photosynthesis: Table of questions Item Krebs cycle Calvin cycle starting molecule Acetyl-CoA Ribulose-bP relation to e- carriers reduced: NAD+-->NADH oxidized: NADPH-->NADP+ location matrix of mitochondrion stroma of chloroplast relation to ATP Formation of ATP Consumption of ATP energy input for system E-rich pyruvate/acetyl Light relation to e- transport chain Produces NADH and FADH that fuel chain Uses NADPH produced by chain first molecule produced citrate P-glycerate 3. During binary Fssion of bacteria the daughter chromosomes are separated by the following mechanism: Attachment to the membrane via the "origin-attachment region" of the chromosomes....
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