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answers study questions 14

answers study questions 14 - Study questions 14 1 Pure blue...

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Study questions 14 1. Pure blue eyes are recessive. Brown eyes are dominant. A blue eyed woman married to a brown eyed man, Joe, has a blue eyed baby. Is the husband the father? Quite possible: he could be a heterozygote Bb (B_ brown, bb blue). 2. The same couple are having a second baby. What is the probability that the baby will be brown-eyed? Bb x bb, P of Bb is 0.5 3. This first couple divorces and the Joe marries a brown eyed woman, Sally, whose mother is blue-eyed. What is the chance that they first baby is blue eyed? Joe is Bb, Sally is also Bb as her mother was bb. Bb x Bb, P of bb = 1/4 4. Jerry, a son of Sally and and Joe is brown eyed. He marries Jasmine, a brown eyed woman whose sister is blue-eyed. What is the probability that the first child of Jasmine and Jerry is blue-eyed? Sally and Joe produce BB:Bb:bb in a 1:2:1 ratio. Jerry is either BB or Bb. His P of being Bb is 2/3 (note that the 1:2 ratio of BB:Bb now applies because we know he not bb). Jasmine is B_. We have no information on the parents. One, must have been Bb since Jasmine has a B
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