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BIS2A Spring 09 1 Answers to study questions 17 1 The end of each polymer indicated below is the ____ end: polymer F T LL J c 5’ of amino terminal 3’ 3’ 2 The number of subunits of the polymer between the X and W structures (Distance) is best approximated as: c 24 (there are about 8 more amino acid residues in the left emerging polypeptide than on the right one, thus 24 nucleotides of RNA must be between the two ribosomes). 3 The boxy structure Y could be the following: c DNA polymerase I or DNA ligase (it is closing a gap between the Okazaki fragment and the lagging strand) 4 The most likely location(s) of a promoter is (are): d N and U (the length of RNA Z made can be laid down on DNA to find the approximate start site; the promoter is upstream, away from the mRNA-elongating RNA polymerase, of
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Unformatted text preview: the start) 5 The polymers indicated are wholly or in part RNA: a F, Z (respectively an Okazaki fragment with the RNA primer at its 5, an mRNA 6 The zone marked G is best defined as a: b. replication fork 7 The structure labeled H is (not on exam III): d charged tRNA 8 Okazaki fragments would most likely be associated with: a G 9 The following structures, V, R and S, are moving in the directions indicated: structures V R S c --> K --> M --> N 10 The following growing polymer is most likely to undergo a size change because of a nonsense mutation (this will be covered in the coming week and will not be on Exam III): d T 11 The scenario represented in this picture is most likely to take place in a d bacterial cell...
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