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BIS2A Spring Quarter 2009. Instructor: Comai Teaching team Instructor Luca Comai, Plant Biology and Genome Center, GBSF 4511, Tel: 752-8485, email:, web: office hours: Fridays 11:30 to 12:30, in GBSF 4511 (flow-over into GBSF 4202) Head Teaching Assistant Gregory Simonds, Microbiology, Teaching Assistants Wesley Sughrue, Microbiology, Rebecca Wright, Microbiology, Divya Denduluri, Phillip Conklin, Plant Biology, Contact information and office hours for the TAs will be posted on the course web site. Website The course website is Attendance Lecture There are 25 points out of 500 for attending the lectures. Clicker questions will be asked through the lecture and answering the clicker questions will gain the 25 attendance points allotted to the lecture. Incorrect clicker answers will still get points. During the lecture, you are expected to be quiet and respectful of others, and to attend until ex- actly 10:50 , at which time the lecture will be promptly halted and you can leave. If you are not - 1 -
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interested in the lecture and plan to chat or engage in other unrelated activities please consider giving up the 25 points, they are only 5% of the total, and spending your time in a more fruitful fashion. If you have to leave early, please skip the class entirely. By attending and leaving early you may trigger a quiz for everybody else left in the classroom and you would lose the corre- sponding quiz points. Early-departure quizzes are administered to the whole class via clickers if more than a handful of students leave early. The quiz points will be deducted from the Final exam. Discussion sessions You must attend the first discussion session or you will be dropped from the course to allow a wait-listed student in. Each discussion session will count 10 points, based on attendance, quiz an- swers and participation as indicated by your TA in the first week discussion. Missing an exam
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bis2a_all_info - BIS2A Spring Quarter 2009. Instructor:...

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