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Chinese 100A Review Sentences 08

Chinese 100A Review Sentences 08 - Chinese 100AX Review...

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Chinese 100AX Review Sentences h 1. She said angrily, “Dame you, Huang Guoqiang! You got deported and left me with all these problems that I have to clean up. I’ve never spent even a few days of happiness with you. This sucks!” 2. It’s not that I’m not concerned. It’s just that Little Red is considered a bright girl, and is always taken care of by her classmates; she couldn’t have been punished. 3. Everyone else’s salary was adjusted; I was the only one left out. It’s obvious they’ve got me where they want me; is this bad luck or what? 4. This is a demanding job that won’t cut you any slack. You’d better think over carefully whether or not you want to do it after all, so you don’t end up wanting to quit after working just a while. 5. The sailor lives so frugally, but how can he not be thinking of the day he can return home in splendor and glory? But who knows if his plans will come to pass or not.
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