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Final Sp 10 (1) - involved.] b) Briefly state what...

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Emotional Functions of the Brain HD 3660 Professor Richard Depue Final, Spring 2010 1. What are the different neural representations that make up the “self”, that help us discriminate ourselves from others? Some of these representations may be nonemotional, but emotional representations will be very impactful on defining our self. a) Outline the neural components of the various representations of information that contribute to defining the self. [Assume that I know the neuroanatomy, so just outline the regions that might be
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Unformatted text preview: involved.] b) Briefly state what functions each representation contributes to defining the self. The attached article may help by providing a broad framework for thinking about this problem. There are no right or wrong answers; think first about what kinds of information we use to define a self, and then second what neural pathways or regions may underlie the representation of that information....
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