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4300 article review - A r ticle Basic Systems approach to...

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Article: Basic Systems approach to Autobiographical memory Visual memory plays a central role in autobiographical memory: The strength of recollection of an event is predicted BEST by the vividness of its visual imagery LOSS of visual memory causes general amnesia Examining PTSD and Autobiographical memory – individuals with PTSD suggests lack of coherence is not due to memory itself but rather the narrative that integrates the memory into the life-story Making traumatic memory central to the life story=correlates positively with increased PTSD symptoms Basic systems approach – looks into fields of autobiographical memory, phenomenology, neuropsychology, clinical disorders and neural basis Autobiographical memories are episodic – memories that belong to an individuals past Events recalled as autobiographical are Multimodal (involving multiple systems such as vision, hearing, smell, tast and body sense) Vary in temporal, emotional and narrative content and context Have personal relevance. Systems that play a role in autobiographical memories 1. Individual systems (vision, hearing and smell 2. Multimodal spatial system – notes the location of objects and people 3. Emotion 4. Language
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5. Narrative system that keeps track of causal relations without
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4300 article review - A r ticle Basic Systems approach to...

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