HD 2140 – Notes Edelman

HD 2140 – Notes Edelman - H D 2140 Edelman...

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HD 2140 – Edelman Password - 42 Notes 2/2/10 Inertia – the universe has inertia. The world is predictable to some extent. Small-scale in that it fits within the size of our head, but in reality it is a large concept Summary: what is a mind Exercise: mind design with unconventional materials Rocks. Stone people-pillars of stone that look like people Seriously A mind made out of comets (rocks don’t move on their own account – move because wind moves them – no self propelled rocks) Comets made of dirty ice/stones guesses of what they are but pretty much frozen, if heated even a tiny bit, a tale forms Comet can self propel without guessing, can move on its own account (outguessing needs to be controlled and persist over time) Sentient creature made of rocks and gases in deep space What would sensing look like? How do you sense with little pebbles? Answer: the pebble hits you for you sense it, if you want to be active about it (pocket of pebbles, onslaught of pebbles coming your way) Goal: not to fall apart, why would it want to stay? What is meaning of life :0 No reason at all for it to stay – Goals are not inherent in things, can be attributed post hoc Cannot avoid science of philosophy when doing psych Lecture 2.1 : complexity from simplicity Short story: Learning to be me – Greg Egan Complexity from simplicity via computation ex: weapon made of vegetables Intended to job you from where your mind is; cognitive dissonance Conceptual tools: computer, brains and other dynamical representational systems
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Examples of computation: Ex. 1 Strobe light of falling ball – measure speed Ex: 2 abacuses Both instances of computation so they have something in common 2/9/10 Lecture 2.2 Neurons in their natural habitat Need to stain in order to see Body of Purkinje cell is large in comparison
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HD 2140 – Notes Edelman - H D 2140 Edelman...

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