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Depue final notes - Emotional Experience has to do with...

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4/6/10 Emotional Experience – has to do with subjective emotional feeling, emotion that is particularly developed in primates and humans. Feels of emotion Awareness of emotion, I’m feeing fearful, anxious / sad Couldn’t you have emotion without awareness? Perhaps…animals do not experience fear to the extent that primates do. We can talk about it more if we feel it, in a social context? How does this improve our survivability? Consciousness, what else? Empathizing, our entire emotional state is dependent on these emotions, we feel it when we see it in other people. Helps with social nature of primates and humans – elaborate social system of understanding and knowing others. Understand how it gets into consciousness – from last lecture – slide conditioned fear stimulus-amygdala, integrates all function so nervous system activity, basal motor pressure, heart rate, respiratory aspects, this in a sense making a map of the current state of the autonomic system taking into account hundreds of responses going into body. All these areas that are output targets for amygdala and DMST (???) integrative centers that map what is going on in body. Influence autonomic system that brings about changes in the autonomic system. These all get feedback, so you get constant loop of info, changing from emotional conditions, feedback comes from the organs etc. and brings about new homeostatic state of the body. Constant updating of homeostatic state of the body. Each emotion has distinct pattern in the body, sadness has different pathway, than fear, or sadness or happiness. If you could measure you would see distinct patterns. We are not aware of any of this – hypothalamus changing state of autonomic nervous
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Depue final notes - Emotional Experience has to do with...

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