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Depue notes on mirror neurons

Depue notes on mirror neurons - make up class Face...

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3/12/10 - make up class Face processing in lateral occipital inferior temporal lobe EBA – there are certain attributes of form that will be created based on facial recognition EBA & FBA two separate spots through evolution there have been the grouping of neurons processing similar kinds of attributes OBA - occipital body area FBA – facial body area Unconscious visual processing takes place by passing through superior colliculus and pulvinar goes to either visual areas or to the Amygdala This picks up crude representations of eyes / mouth Fear – white of eyes get picked up in this pathway what/where pathways goes up through area 39 - get process visual information, map made in space that is egocentric in terms of it's framework – mapped from your particular orientation once map is constructed, it guides through these areas – 7 39 and 46 closely linked together 46 can pull up representation of that map, close your eyes and imagine this place in bedroom, you could pull up map of your bedroom and imagine it 46 is a working memory area, info is held up to 15 seconds, but can be refreshed area 47, prefrontal area that holds objects in working memory Dorsal visual – relies on network of brain regions Goes through V3A etc to the LIP, and MT (which analyzes peripheral info for movement against background) FEF – frontal eye fields, guides eyes through movement 46 - can hold up objects in space Dorsal visual system has lots of parts Detailed scenes can be constructed by posterior parahippocampal gyrus - could come up with detailed scene Dorsal Visual system – all part of mapping our space
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constructs salient locations and salient objects are mapped not all space is equally weighted. Important objects are all mapped here
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Depue notes on mirror neurons - make up class Face...

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