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Depue notes week 2

Depue notes week 2 - Rodent still rely on olfactory senses...

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3/9/10 Rodent still rely on olfactory senses You get development of more cortical regions from this system – olfactory Objects out in space started with olfactory and expanded from there Amygdala is a central part of that CE – central amygdala Based on all arrows, this is the main area for projecting to all other areas ME – medial nucleus of amygdala (handles reproductive material etc. In rodents, CE, ME and cortical areas of amygdala make up 80% of mass of Amygdala Humans, these three account for 20% Expansion of basical nucleus, because we analyze our world through sensory inputs mainly. Humans and subhuman primates have expanded the basal nuclei (through evolution) makes finer analysis of sensory objects Neocortex – crude aspect for sensory information Within 10-20 mllliseconds, you get crude representation of that tone Get rapid processing through lateral amygdala Can also take route through primary sensory cortex through thalamus
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