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NS115 sample questions - Fill in the blank increases blood...

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True or False: Eating protein will increase muscle mass. Name the 4 phases of cancer in order as described in lecture. Sam lives in sunny Florida and Matt lives in cloudy Ithaca. Who is more likely to be deficient in vitamin D? True or False: The original government requirement model, the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA), was effective in preventing chronic disease. What is the difference between a complete and an incomplete protein? True or False: People who eat foods rich in Vitamin C have a lower risk of developing cancer. Fill in the blank: A deficiency of vitamin D causes ______ in children True or False: More contemporary views on dietary intake levels generally place RDAs at higher levels then older views. Fill in the blank: ______ is a type of protein deficiency often found in children characterized by edema Name 3 types of cancer related to high dietary fat.
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Unformatted text preview: Fill in the blank: __________ increases blood calcium __________ decreases blood calcium True or False: The RDAs and AIs generally coincide within the DRI There are three times when you want a positive protein balance (aka more protein intake than loss). Name 2 of them. Name 4 dietary/lifestyle practices that minimize the risk of cancer. In women, what are two ways to maintain bone calcium? Name 4 dietary components that are accounted for by the DRI but not the RDA. How does high protein consumption increase the risk of osteoporosis? Name 5 dietary/lifestyle practices that increase the risk of cancer. Fill in the blank: _____ blood calcium is characterized by high blood pressure What are the 4 values that comprise the Daily Reference Intake (DRI) and what do they mean? 100 200 300 400 500 Protein Cancer Calcium + Vitamin D Nutrient Requirements...
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NS115 sample questions - Fill in the blank increases blood...

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