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Affirmative Action The term affirmative action is applied to the use of racial, ethnic, or gendr prefrences set apart a variety of social benefits. The groups receiving such benifits, such as blacks, indians, and women are assumed to havee been victims of descrimination in the past. Thus, a program most definatly benifiting white males as a group would not be an example of affirmative action for most people. This would be as unconstitutional as discrimination against non-whites or women. I feel that the need for affirmative action is varied form case tto
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Unformatted text preview: case because sometimes people of diffrent races are hired to meet a quota required by state or federal law. I feel that affirmative action is a quoata system because it is forcing you to hire people possibly not qualified just because of their race. I feel the only way to slove this problem is to force people to hire for quality not quanity. A more qualified applicant should not be turned down for race or gender....
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