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Sand Cone Test The Sand Cone Test is an in situ test used to find the unit weight of soil. The unit weight of soil is found by comparing the weight of the soil to the volume which that soil occupies. By the Sand Cone Test, we are able to determine the unit weight of soil removing soil from a hole in the field and weighing of the soil removed from the hole. In order to determine the volume of the hole, we fill the whole back up with soil with a known unit weight of and determine the amount of that soil it takes to fill the whole.
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Unformatted text preview: The Sand Cone assembly is used for this test. The assembly includes a plastic jar and metal cone section which screws onto the jar and is placed upon a base plate for stability. When filling the hole with the known sand, the sand will also occupy the volume of the cone and the space between the ground surface and the cone by the base plate. Therefore, these volumes must be calibrated in the laboratory in order to find just the volume of the whole....
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