9 - Ex Hawaii Older towards the north which means the...

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17:24 New Zealand Earthquake Highly oblique collision Subduction mega thrust—dipping down The Alpine Fault- New Zealand’s San Andreas Right-lateral, strike-slip fault Connects 2 highly oblique subduction zones Motion on  Alpine fault is obliquely convergent 2010 New Zealand Eq 7. 2 magnitude Thrust fault is a kind of reverse fault Hot Spots Like a blow torch from the mantle Relatively stable  Shoots out hot magma, then erupts into volcanoes Without plate tectonics, there would be enormous giant volcanoes Ex: Hawaii-Emperor Seamount Chain, Yellowstone, Iceland) SEE DIAGRAM 2
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Unformatted text preview: Ex: Hawaii Older towards the north, which means the plates had to change direction The Hawaiian – Emperor seamount chain is a series of volcanoes and seamounts extending across the Pacific Ocean. The chain has been produced by the movement of the ocean crust over the Hawai ʻ i hotspot an upwelling of hot rock from the Earth's mantle Yellowstone is big hot spot, hot spots don’t have to be in the ocean Super volcano, so big you can’t even see it Mammoth is another example of a super volcano 17:24 17:24...
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  • Yellowstone, San Andreas Right­lateral, Seamount Chain, highly oblique subduction, oblique collision Subduction

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9 - Ex Hawaii Older towards the north which means the...

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