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Lucy Gerrity Exercise 3 EN278: Creative Writing October 3, 2010 7 or 8 Things The closet in the hall was filled with shoes. She had gotten them from all over, and she wouldn’t throw any away, nor would she give them to anyone else. Some had never been worn, or even brought out of their boxes; she had no place to go in them. They were too high, or too flat, had no support or had entirely too much. She kept them though, in the closet across from a mirror, which when she opened the doors made it look like she had twice as many. The neighbors had a dog. The dog played with the kids outside and was apparently very friendly. So friendly, in fact, that it would come over to her yard without even thinking about it and poo right in front of her begonias. She would walk inside, calmly, very calmly when the dog would cross over the invisible boarder between houses, one which she could not put a fence up for. That would be unwelcoming. Ten minutes drive, and a thirty minute walk away was the strip mall with the pure white
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