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Franklin 1 Garth Franklin AP English Literature Mr. Taylor 25 February 2009 The Stranger Notebook Pages 77-78 Conversation with guard about freedom Often Meursault fails to realize his situations and surrounding. When he first met the magistrate, he “was even going to shake his hand, but… [he] remembered that [he] had killed a man” (64). Similarly when in prison, Meursault complains about the absence of women. He calls it “unfair treatment” until the guard explains what a punishment is and that freedom needs to be taken away for there to be a penalty (78). Meursault only sees his needs and ponders how to satisfy them, not why they have been restricted. But apart from his freedom being withheld, Meursault “wasn’t too unhappy” (78). Life for Meursault is not about living to the fullest, it is avoiding discomforts and satisfying essential needs. Camus writes Meursault’s thoughts almost like a stream of consciousness. The run on sentence about women shows how Meursault’s thoughts wonder in prison with the goal of killing time. Stylistically, the reader can sense the oddity of Meursault’s thought process and how thinking so logically about needs is seems strange to a normal person. The Hemingway like sentences and dialogue supply only the essential pieces forcing the reader to dig deeper than the statement “the first months were hard”, but to discover how Meursault lives and how throwing him out of his regimented schedule makes his life hard (77).
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Franklin 2 While having the lifestyle of low expectations of Meursault assures that one
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TheStranger - Franklin 1 Garth Franklin AP English...

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