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29 chem discussion

29 chem discussion - Jillian Blouin October 5 2010 CH141 L...

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Jillian Blouin October 5, 2010 CH141 L Section C Reaction of Calcium Chloride with Carbonate Salts Discussion Reacting calcium chloride with various carbonate salts created a precipitate, analyzing the products shows the relationship between the products and reactants in a precipitate reaction. The salts were used in this study; sodium carbonate, potassium carbonate, and lithium carbonate. The graphs of the moles of salt reactant to moles of precipitate product for the three salts show a nearly one to one molar ratio between the reactant and the product (Figure 1-3). This relationship indicates that the precipitate produced in all three reactions is calcium carbonate. In the balanced equations for each reaction, the mole ratio between the reactant and calcium carbonate is 1:1. If the ionic compound XCl, X standing representing the metal in each respective salt, was the precipitate the slope of the trendlines on the graph would be closer to 2. For the three salts the slopes were between 0.8928 and 1.057 (Figures 1-3).
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