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ClimQuestAns - What would otherwise be a very dry region is...

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Climate Study Question Answer Area 1: The air movement is off of the water, which is warm (coming from the equator) and then comes across land. It then hits mountains and rises and cools. In the “winter”, when the land is definitely cooler than the water there would be extensive rains. Rain forests are found in this region. Area 2: This is near the 30 o parallel, a high pressure, dry air area. However, air movement comes off the land and rises over the mountains. This location is also a bit higher in elevation, being next to the mountains.
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Unformatted text preview: What would otherwise be a very dry region is moderated by adiabatic cooling of the rising air, which provides some rainfall. It is an area of scrub growth mixed with conifers and Eucalyptus (all plants that can handle dry conditions) rather than desert. Area 3: This is quite near the 30 th parallel and does not have any moderating factors. Any air movement would be coming across the continent. Desert grass and scrub is found here. Winds Winds Ocean current Ocean current...
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