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Clinical%20Preparation%20Sheet - All Medical Diagnoses...

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NUR 118 CLINICAL PREPARATION FORM Date:  _________________________ Patient Initials:  _____    Student: ___________________  Instructor:  ____________________ Admission Date:  _________________  Reason for Admission: ________________________________________  Surg. Proc.:  _____________________________________________________________  Date: _________________ Date of Birth:  __________  Age:  _____  Height: _____  Weight:  _____  Mental Status:  ___________________ Code Status:  __________   Sensory Impairment:  ____________________________________________________ Allergies:  ______________________________________________________________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: All Medical Diagnoses: __________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ DEFINITION OF MEDICAL DIAGNOSES NURSING INTERVENTIONS PATIENT CARE PRESCRIPTIONS PRIORITIZED PLAN OF ASSESSMENT WITH NURSING CARE BATH V/S DIET I/O IVs ACTIVITY OXYGEN SPECIAL TREATMENTS (if applicable) PERTINENT LABS (if applicable) REFERENCES USED : ___________________________________________________________________________...
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Clinical%20Preparation%20Sheet - All Medical Diagnoses...

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