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Colby College Driver Sign-Up Form Requirements and Procedures 1. All drivers must hold a valid drivers license. The Director of Security must approve any exception. 2. The Security Office needs the information at least 10 days before any driving occurs to allow Colby’s insurer to check the driving record * . * (any driver from California must obtain a copy of their own driving record before they will be permitted to drive for the college.) 3. Attach a photocopy of your driver’s license and return the sign-up form to the Security Office. 4. All New Drivers must contact Bruce McDougal, Director of Safety at x5504 to sign up for the driver safety course to become a certified Colby driver. 5. Colby College reserves the right to deny driving privileges to any student, faculty or staff member on any vehicle owned, leased or rented by the college. Please Print Clearly Date:_________________________________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: Department you are Driving for:_____________________________________ Full Name:____________________________________________________ Date of Birth:__________________________________________________ License#:______________________________________State:___________ Colby Graduation Year:__________________________________________ I hereby certify that I had no traffic violations or motor vehicle accidents of any kind in any place other than those listed below: Date Offense or Accident Place 1.____________________________________________________________ 2.____________________________________________________________ 3.____________________________________________________________ 4.____________________________________________________________ If additional space is needed please use the back of this form. Date:___________ Signature:_____________________________________...
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