CustomizedMedical Form--Part 1 only 2.10-1

CustomizedMedical Form--Part 1 only 2.10-1 - Name_IES...

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Unformatted text preview: Name_________________________________________________IES Program______________________________________Term___________________________ Home College________________________________________________________________Email Address______________________________________________ Home Phone_________________________________School Phone_________________________________Cellular Phone_________________________________ To be completed by the student: Please complete and sign this form. No other medical forms will be accepted in substitution. Gender M_______ F_______ Date of Birth____________________________________ Do you hold religious beliefs that might impact the provision of emergency medical treatment while you are abroad? YES_______ NO_______ If yes, give details._____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Are you required to or do you wear a health emergency bracelet? YES_______ NO_______ If yes, for what condition?__________________________ Have you had or do you currently have any of the following conditions? Please mark all that apply, specifying the date, whether past or current. If yes, please detail information. Attach additional sheets if necessary. Medical Condition Past Date Current If yes, please detail information. 1. Acne or other Skin Condition _______________ _______________ ______________________________________________________________ 2. Alcohol/Drug addiction _______________ _______________ _______________________________________________________________ 3. Allergies _______________ _______________ _______________________________________________________________...
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