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October 4, 2010 EA 493 Jae Hyun Paik Professor LaCouture Research Proposal Introduction A. Brief historical background After the defeat of Japan on August 15, 1945, the United States settled their self- declared government on South Korea’s territory. The occupation lasted for three years (1945~1948), leaving citizens of South Korea both positive and negative sentiments towards the United States. After the settlement of the United States Army Military Government in Korea, Korean people were able to receive better education by having more opportunities to enter colleges and universities. 1 However, as any other countries would agree, Korean people disliked imposed foreign government and did not see the difference between the dark ages of the Japanese occupation. 2 Active disagreements were present over the United States’ (US) governing and the citizens of Republic of Korea (ROK) but they did not morph into an outburst of abhorrence towards the US until 2002. B. Leading up to the question
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