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econ debate-1 - EC231 Debate Professor Yu October 1 2010...

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EC231 Aurora Kesseli Debate Colleen Kenny Professor Yu Caitlin Curcuruto October 1, 2010 We all currently live in a world where the importance of sustainability and “being green” is thankfully hammered into our heads every day. While there are still some people behind the times, most of us have jumped on the bandwagon and do what we can to help our environment so that it will still be here for future generations. Thanks to this relatively new campaign for a more sustainable consumerism, environmental regulations can actually help the competitiveness of many US companies. In this new “green” age consumers are not simply looking for the cheapest price but also the most sustainable product. Often times it takes the instating of a new environmental regulation to force companies to do the research to find out how to make their product more sustainable and therefore making their product more appealing to their customers in the long run. History has shown that firms rarely operate on their efficiency frontier in practice. Those that are most successful, then, are those that are able to adapt and adopt new technologies as new information arises. The world is not static; hence the ability to innovate will only make a firm more capable of meeting the demands of a changing world. We can easily see this in practice with companies who have harnessed the growing demand for “green” products. Here regulation and innovation go hand in hand. Those that comply with standards and create environmentally friendly products will gain a clear advantage in many of today’s markets. The idea of “early movers” works similarly to this. In the growing trend for clean products, those firms that innovate quickly will be able to secure their places in the market, thereby gaining greater
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financial stability. For example, the U.S. has fallen behind many European countries in
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econ debate-1 - EC231 Debate Professor Yu October 1 2010...

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