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BC 368 ELECTRON TRANSPORT AND OXIDATIVE PHOSPHORYLATION Topics: What do we get out of glycolysis and the citric acid cycle that can be used to provide usable energy for the cell? What is the mitochondrial structure and how are its functions compartmentalized? How are the chemiosmotic hypothesis and oxidative phosphorylation related? - An introduction to electron transport and ATP synthesis What are the thermodynamics of the proton motive force? What is the mechanism of ATP production? - The F 0 F 1 ATP synthase What are the other transport systems powered by the proton motive force? Details of the electron transport chain: What are the principle players and the rationale for the chain? The logical order is controlled by redox potential. How do the electrons move through each complex? How do those protons get moved anyway? What happens to the electrons from the NADH produced in glycolysis? How is oxidative phosphorylation regulated?
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Unformatted text preview: Readings: • Chapter 19 in Lehninger Other Information and Things to Consider: • Do the problems on electron transport at the end of Chapter 19, especially 4-8). • Consider the spatial arrangements of the protein complexes within the mitochondria. Is the specific arrangement of the protein complexes important for the proper functioning of the electron transport chain? • What is the effect of various inhibitors on the electron transport chain? That is, what happens to the redox state of all the electron transport chain components when the chain is blocked at various places? • Pay particular attention to the experimental evidence gathered to decipher the order of the electron transport chain components, and to support the chemiosmotic hypothesis. Was this evidence easy to obtain and is it completely conclusive at this point?...
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