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BC368 – Biochemistry of the Cell II FATTY ACID METABOLISM Topics : Readings in Lehninger I. Absorption of Triglycerides in the Diet pp. 598-602 II. Breakdown of fatty acids within the cell A. Activation of fatty acids and pp. 602-603 transport into the mitochondria 1. fatty acyl CoA synthetase 2. carnitine B. β -oxidation of even-chain, saturated fatty acids pp. 604-606 1. acyl CoA dehydrogenase 2. enoyl CoA hydratase 3. β -hydroxyacyl CoA dehydrogenase 4. thiolase C. Energy balance sheet p. 607 D. Special enzymes with unsaturated fatty acids pp. 607-608 1. enoyl CoA isomerase 2. 2,4 dienoyl CoA reductase E. The case of odd-chain fatty acids pp. 608-611 1. propionyl CoA 2. vitamin B
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Unformatted text preview: 12 cofactor F. Regulation of fatty acid catabolism p. 612 III. Ketone Bodies pp. 615-618 IV. Fatty Acid Biosynthesis A. Transport of excess citrate to cytosol pp. 778-780 B. Formation of malonyl CoA pp. 770-771 C. Synthesis of palmitic acid fatty acid synthase pp. 772-777 D. Synthesis of additional fatty acids pp. 781-784 E. Regulation p. 780 ________________ Hierarchy of fuels oxidized in consumer organs: Fuel Brain Muscle fatty acids not used first priority, if available ketoacids first priority, not used if FA if available available glucose exclusively only if FA/ketoacids (most of the time) not available...
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