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BC368 – Biochemistry of the Cell II Gluconeogenesis and Glycogen Synthesis Topics : Readings in Lehninger I. Gluconeogenesis A. Universal anabolic pathway pp. 722-725 B. Necessity for bypass reactions C. Bypass Reaction IA (pyruvate PEP) pp. 726-727 1. pyruvate carboxylase (in matrix) 2. oxaloacetate malate (in matrix); transport to cytosol; oxaloacetate (in cytosol) 3. PEP carboxykinase (in cytosol) D. Bypass Reaction IB (lactate PEP) pp. 727-728 1. lactate pyruvate (in cytosol); transport to matrix 2. pyruvate carboxylase
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Unformatted text preview: 3. PEP carboxykinase 4. PEP transported to cytosol E. Bypass Reaction II (F-1,6-BP & F-6-P + Pi) p. 728 1. fructose 1,6-bisphosphatase F. Bypass Reaction III (G-6-P & glucose) pp. 728-729 1. glucose 6-phosphatase G. Regulation pp. 729-733 H. Interesting Notes about Ruminants and Alcohol II. Glycogen Synthesis pp. 735-739 A. Phosphoglucomutase B. UDP-Glucose pyrophosphorylase C. Glycogen synthase D. Glycogen branching enzyme E. Regulation F. A few examples of glycogen storage diseases...
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