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I can - Showering neon sugar Feed them Eat my worms Heal I...

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I can’t believe it’s my grandmother who’s telling me life is not fair I thought I already knew I could walk among the 7/11 chums counting change on sidewalks So they can get a pack of gummies for a sugar high But wouldn’t it be something If I turned around one morning’s walk-through It is their turf, you know, And share some of my gummies I could through them out like holy water
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Unformatted text preview: Showering neon sugar Feed them! Eat my worms! Heal! I could cover my whole body in gummy worms And still there wouldn’t be anything inside me Let them close in every pore Eat as many as you can before Your blood flashes sugary centipedes I wonder how long it takes to eat all the gummies On a 7/11 shelf Maybe 13? It’s one thing I treat myself to Squirm some more...
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