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metabolism - will be(should be review for you As we go...

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BC368 – Biochemistry of the Cell II Overview of Metabolism Topics: Overview of Metabolism pp. 485-489 Energy flow Metabolism Catabolism – convergent Anabolism – divergent Thermodynamics Review pp. 490-499 Why ATP? pp. 499-512 Large negative free energy Other phosphorylated compounds Group transfer Redox pp. 512-521 Reducing power NADH and FADH2 ____________________________________ Some things to consider while you’re reading: We are beginning the metabolism section of biochemistry. You should read fairly carefully the Introduction to Part III of Lehninger , but skim most of Chapter 14. There is lots of detailed information about thermodynamics and bioenergetics, but much of this
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Unformatted text preview: will be (should be) review for you. As we go through the different metabolic pathways and the numerous reactions of those pathways, I want you to keep an eye on the “big picture.” For each pathway we will consider the following features: 1. The molecular rationale of the pathway 2. The key reactions 3. The pathway’s regulation 4. Problems with the pathways (metabolic disorders) We will discuss glycolysis in particular detail and emphasize recurring metabolic themes. Subsequent pathways will be discussed in less detail, and we will end the course with a brief look at the overall integration of mammalian metabolism....
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  • Adenosine triphosphate, different metabolic pathways, Cell II Overview of Metabolism, flow Metabolism Catabolism

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