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photosynthesis - • Photorespiration and C4 Plants pp...

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BC 368 Photosynthesis Outline Topics: Readings: The overall reaction (s) pp. 691 Compartmentalization of functions within the chloroplast pp. 692 The light-dependent reactions How much energy is in light and why is it necessary? pp. 693 The light-harvesting complex (LHC) and light absorption pp. 693-699 The oxygen-evolving complex (water splitting enzyme) pp. 707-708 A familiar scene: electron transport and proton pumping pp. 699-707 Chemiosmosis in chloroplasts pp. 708-714 Cyclic vs non-cyclic photophosphorylation and its control The light-independent reactions (carbon fixation) A look at the cycle pp. 746-756 RuBISCO and it's regulation pp. 757-760
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Unformatted text preview: • Photorespiration and C4 Plants pp. 760-763 Other Information and Things to Consider: • Can we use inhibitors on the components of the light reactions to discover the redox states of the intermediates involved? And can we use this technique to determine the order of the intermediates of the light reactions? • Here’s a problem to think about: You incubate a suspension of intact, isolated thylakoids in the presence of a membrane-permeable base. What effect would this treatment have on O 2 evolution and on ATP production? • Augment your problem set with problems from the book (both from Chapter 19 and Chapter 20)....
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