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4 Part II. Short Answer (64 points)- Please show work and justify answers. 13. (14 pts) A novel inhibitor of the anthrax “lethal factor” enzyme has been developed by the research team of cell biologist Dr. Jean-Paul Greenbriar. Greenbriar’s group has performed kinetic studies on the lethal factor enzyme both in the presence and absence of their inhibitor “anti-lethal factor” (ALF). Their data are shown in this Lineweaver-Burk plot: a) Label the axes appropriately (units of concentration are mM; units of time are minutes). b) Calculate the apparent values of K M and V max for both the magenta and blue experiments. c) What type of inhibitor is ALF? Explain briefly. d) An astute biochemist tells Greenbriar that his inhibitor might not work very well in vivo . Is she correct? Explain briefly. y = 0.403x + 0.071 R 2 = 0.994 y = 0.692x + 0.069 R 2 = 0.986 0 0.05 0.1 0.15 0.2 0.25 0.3 0.35 -0.1 0 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4
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5 14. (12 pts) The function of anthrax “lethal factor” (LF) is cleavage of a host kinase that is part of the signaling pathway involved in the release of defensive proteins. The crystal structure of LF shows a zinc ion cofactor coordinated to His 686, His 690, and Glu 735.
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sampleexam2pt2 - Par t II. Shor t Answ er ( 6 4 points )-...

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