Chapter01 - 1. The main difference between the threat agent...

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1. The main difference between the threat agent and the threat is that “a specific instance or component of a more general threat”, while the threat can be defined as the “a category of objects, persons, or other entities that represents a potential danger to an asset”. So the threat is caused by a threat agent, also, threats might manifest themselves by accident 2. According to definition, vulnerability is “weaknesses or faults in a system or protection mechanism that expose information to attack or damage” which means that a threat – if used by the attacker – will cause an inevitable harm to the vulnerable system, where the exposure is a single instance of being open to damage. So I can say that the existence of the vulnerability used by a threat agent will eventually lead to an exposure. 3. The term hack was used for the first time in the mid 1960’s by us universities computer centers, usually to refer to a cleverly improvised solution, in today’s slang, the term was associated to the misconceived term hacker, which also meant a person who can work fast to improvise out-of-the-box solutions, the term is now used as to refer to a program (usually illegal) to modify the behavior of another program (typically like the game trainers) 4. During the early days of computing, the dominant security was the computer security, a straight forward process that is more concerned with the physical security (some threats are theft, sabotage, etc …) and the document classification schemes 5. The C.I.A triangle is comprised of three main characteristics: Confidentiality: only relevant information given to relevant people. Integrity: data must be available in original form.
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Chapter01 - 1. The main difference between the threat agent...

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