Chapter 3 - Chapter 3 Questions 2: List the individuals you...

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Chapter 3 Questions 2: List the individuals you would like to interview during the systems analysis phase. In order to implement a computerized office system, team Commanding Consultants previously recommended the investigation of three systems within the New Century Heath Clinic. Interviewing individuals, who are associated with and knowledgeable about the process for these systems, will help our team establish a detailed analysis. This will provide vital information that will ultimately become the lifeline for creating an effective computerized office system. These individuals are as follows: Patient Records Supervisor and Team Leader: Susan Gifford Operational Employees Insurance Reporting and Accounting Supervisor and Team Leader: Tom Capaletti Scheduling and Secretarial Operations Supervisor and Team Leader: Lisa Sung Question 3: Prepare a list of objectives for each of the interviews you will conduct. Dr. Garcia has expressed her wariness for using up precious time for conducting interviews. In order to be effective with a short amount of time, all of the operational employees will be interviewed in a group. By conducting a group interview for these employees, not only will time be saved, but informal structures will also become evident. Informal structures are based on relationships created by social activities, events, or work assignments. Within these informal structures, people can be more influential by using their relationship as a manipulative standpoint. These people often acquire more knowledge then needed to complete their job due to the networking of coworkers. Therefore, it is essential to interview individuals with these informal structures, in order to receive a broad spectrum of information. With this group interview aside, Susan Gifford, Tom Capaletti, and Lisa Sung will all be interviewed separately in order to limit biased answers. Objectives for the group and individuals are as follows: Operational Employees: o To uncover hidden informal structures Discover essential information that is presently unknown o To develop an understanding of the processes they perform o To gather ideas and suggestions to better the systems
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Chapter 3 - Chapter 3 Questions 2: List the individuals you...

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