Chapter 8 - Chapter 8 Question 1: What would be the...

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Chapter 8 Question 1: What would be the advantages of selecting an Internet-based architecture for the New Century system? An Internet-based architecture produces numerous beneficial factors. The Internet has become more than a source of communication, but has altogether changed the environment of system development. The Internet has opened so many doors of possibility. In the case of client-server systems, the client handles the user interface. By utilizing the Internet in the system, the entire user interface would be provided by the web server. Documents would be in the form of HTML coding which would then be translated and displayed by the client’s browser. This is just like the way many websites appear and perform on an average computer with Internet accessibility. The result of using the Internet-based architecture as opposed to the client-server systems is a shift in responsibility for the interface, becoming the server’s responsibility rather than the client’s. This is key for New Century Health Clinic, as it would produce a simplified process for data transmission, which ultimately results in a decrease in cost for hardware and other data transmission difficulties. E-business provides cost-effectiveness, overall efficiency, and reliability. It has reshaped business as an industry. Advances are continuously made, launching Internet-based architecture into a modernized realm, where demand for e-business is high. New Century Health Clinic should consider Internet-based architecture for their system, as it would open the doors for many future possibilities, such as online scheduling, online links to pharmacies, and more. The Internet would increase communication accessibility overall.
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Chapter 8 - Chapter 8 Question 1: What would be the...

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