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Meeting Minutes 06-01-2010

Meeting Minutes 06-01-2010 - Actions to be taken 1 Talk to...

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Date: June 1 2010 Called to Order: 4:00 PM Adjourned: 4:40 PM Present: Curtis H., Chris C., Chris S., Joy T., Nancy P., Aly T., Gautam M. Absent: N/A Topics Discussed: 1. Discussed the captions that all the team members brought. 2. Short listed the three chosen designs to two designs. 3. Best captions were picked for the cartoon pictures
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Unformatted text preview: Actions to be taken: 1. Talk to Dr. Mattson and get approval on certain messages/designs/captions 2. Finish up the modification of designs as soon as possible 3. Brainstorm ideas for presenting the project and voice them at the next meeting Next meeting: Will be decided on Wednesday 2 June 2010....
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