Crown Cork and Seal, 1989 CASE NOTE

Crown Cork and Seal, 1989 CASE NOTE - Cadima 1 CROWN CORK...

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Cadima 1 OPTIONS: (HYPO’S): Expand produce mix to include plastics ( X) can’t answer this question we have only analyze the aluminum carbonated cans Stay the course- For an unattractive industry, firms will have a hard time Invest more in R & D (X) Acquire Continental Can- (☺) shipping cost decrease, CC will have its own Manufacture. CC will have a favorable cost bases, therefore the threat of Entrant will decrease making the industry more attractive. If CCS buys CC the Number of rivalry will decrease, and the threat of rivalry will decrease. The Buyer force is also affected by less supplier force, therefore the threat of Suppliers decreases. Enter other industries-horizontally, vertically Expand geographically (domestic or internationally) INDUSTRY DEFINITION: Metal container manufacture › too broad Bottle caps Beverage container Container › too broad Food container (pet food, food cans, beverages) ›
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