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04.11 Education Click on the wax tablet next to the question in the lesson to find the answer. Write your answers beneath the questions. 1. Who was Horace's paedogogus (tutor who walked school boys to school and home again)? 2. Why did Cato teach his son instead of having a slave as a teacher? 3. Summarize what Juvenal says about teachers' salaries.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. How did Marcus Verrius Flaccus coax his students to learn? 5. In your own words, summarize a day in the life of a Roman schoolboy. 6. Was public education free and mandatory? 7. What subjects did Roman boys study in grammar school? 8. From any of the sites linked above, list three other interesting facts about Roman Education. 1. 2. 3....
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