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20 Das bin ich Was macht ihr hier? In diesem Kapitel Themen: Personal information, characteristics, inquiring about others, hobbies and interests Grammatik: Nouns, gender, and definite articles; personal pronouns; infinitives and present tense; the verb sein; word order; asking questions; interrogatives; denn Kultur: Einwohnermeldeamt, foreigners in Germany Lesen: “Dialog” (Nasrin Siege) Videoclips Beruf, Studium und Hobbys KAPITEL 1 Kapitel 1. Suggestion: You may preview the theme of this chapter by describing yourself and sharing some personal information (where you are from, where you live, etc.). Some of this will be review from the Einführung. Other information can be introduced using mime and pictures. Photo. Description: These students are chatting in front of a building at the Franz Liszt Hochschule für Musik in Weimar in Thüringen. The institution was originally founded in 1872 as an Orchesterschule by a pupil of Franz Liszt named Carl Müllerhartung. Today the school has some 850 students—many from other countries—studying a wide range of musical genres ranging from classical and jazz to modern music. Suggestion: Write Wie heißen Sie? and Wie heißt du? on the board or OHP. Ask students Was sagen die Personen hier? Sagen sie „Wie heißen Sie?“ oder „Wie heißt du?“ As a follow-up question, ask students Ist das formell oder informell? in order to reinforce the differences in German between casual and formal contexts. did3532x_ch01_020-049 11/19/06 10:49 Page 20 CONFIRMING PAGES
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Alles klar? 21 Alles klar? A. One of the things you will learn to do in German is to give information about people in different contexts and situations. People give information about themselves in personal documents—documents they use in everyday life—as, for example, in personal IDs. Let’s take a close look at one such ID. Try to find the following information in the personal ID: What is the full name of the ID holder? When was he born? What is his nationality? Where does he live? What information is provided after the word Größe? What color are his eyes? What does the word Unterschrift refer to? Vokabelsuche ( word search ). Find the German word for: 1. birthdate 2. nationality 3. color of eyes 4. height PERSONALAUSWEIS Nachname: Emslander Vorname: Niels Geburtstag: 24.05.85 Staatsangehörigkeit: Deutsch Gültig bis: 30.08.2010 Unterschrift: Gegenwärtige Anschrift Adresse: Oldenburg Am Teich 42 Größe: 183 cm Augenfarbe: braun Alles klar! Part B. Suggestion: As your students listen, you may wish to have them look at the color maps of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland at the front of the book. Niels Emslander 24.05.85 German Oldenburg height (183 cm) brown signature Geburtstag Staatsangehörigkeit Augenfarbe Größe Alles klar? Beginning with this chapter, the Alles klar? section introduces the major chapter topic through illustrations and other visuals that set the tone for the chapter. Students will be asked to react to them and to express their own opinions.
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Kapitel_1 - did3532x_ch01_020-049 10:49 Page 20 CONFIRMING...

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