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CRT 205 Capstone checkpoint week 9 - thinking one can...

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CRT 205 Capstone Checkpoint This class has taught me the importance of interpreting information with logic and reason. Critical thinking will influence the way I read, write, and process information. The tools that I have learned can be applied to reading by interpreting information in a rational and objective manner. Processing information will help to judge between what is fact and what is opinion. Critical thinking will improve my writing by being aware of how I project my ideas and arguments. First thinking through my ideas will allow for them to be clear, concise, and sound. When evaluating articles, advertising, media, and conversations with critical
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Unformatted text preview: thinking one can determine whether the information is accurate and up to date, the credibility of the source, and biases. While reading articles one can check the date of publishment and the sources of the author. When evaluating advertisements one should determine if the source had invested interest in the product of service. The media is filled with bias. Once should resource the credibility of the source and be aware of fallacies. Look for media that informs facts and not opinions. Conversations are more difficult to determine if information is accurate or bias. Double checking facts and credibility of authors can help in this situation....
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