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BUS 210 Week 9 Capstone Discussion question

BUS 210 Week 9 Capstone Discussion question - o Getting a...

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Bus 210 Capstone Discussion Question ____________________________________ Review the readings for the week, and then watch the video clips associated with the question. Using the information in the text, the videos, and your life experiences, answer the Capstone Discussion Question. Respond in 75 to 100 words. How has the information presented in this course influenced your thoughts about your career path? What insights or reactions do you have concerning what you now know about the field of business? o Young Entrepreneurs Find Good Business on Internet o Minnesota Teen Opens Market, Saves Town
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Unformatted text preview: o Getting a Foot in the Employment Door o Career Change: Creating Your Dream Job Answer: The information presented in this course has influenced my thoughts about my career path by opening my eyes in regards to the different departments that are available to me. The insights that I have now about the field of business is that I want to find a prestigious company to work for that offer good benefits, and where they have an employee recognition program. The benefits and perks that Google offer would be a company that I would like to work for....
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