Biology 308 F2010 Lecture Syllabus

Biology 308 F2010 Lecture Syllabus - Biology 308...

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Biology 308 Josh T. Pittenger PhD Contemporary Biology Fall 2010 Sacramento City College General Information Instructor: Josh Pittenger PhD Office : Lillard Hall 107 Office Hours : M 3:00 – 4:00pm, W 11:00am – 12:20pm E-mail : [email protected] Virtual Classroom : Lecture : MW 4:00pm – 5:20pm Lillard Hall 103 Labs : W 12:30pm – 3:35pm Lillard Hall 109 W 5:45pm – 8:50pm Lillard Hall 109 Prerequisite : None Course Description: This course is a survey of biological science intended to equip the student to think and act intelligently with respect to contemporary issues in biology. Biological topics are introduced in a framework of natural selection. The course is for those not intending to major in biological sciences, particularly liberal studies majors. Genetics is a significant focus of the course, as are origin of cellular life, cellular physiology, and diversity of organisms. Course Objectives: This course is intended for non biology majors and counts as a transferable science elective that will cover basic principles of biology, including cell biology, genetics, evolutionary biology and environmental biology. Successful students will gain knowledge and skills that will aid them in better understanding the nature of many biological issues facing us today and develop skills that will help them communicate about biology more effectively. Required Materials : Biology: Science for Life by Belk and Maier, 3 Edition, 2010 (Available On Reserve) Student Services: Learning Assistance and Tutorial Program- LRC 144 (558-2258) Learning (dis)Abilities program- The Writing Lab- Rodda South 330 (558-2212) ESL Center- Rodda South 328 (558-2324) Child Development Center- (558-2542) Disabilities Resource Center- Study habits : To be successful in Biology 308, a student must be motivated and have self- discipline. Adequate preparation and dedication are required. Expect to study a minimum of 2
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This note was uploaded on 10/06/2010 for the course BIOL 308-309 taught by Professor Pittenger during the Spring '10 term at Los Rios Colleges.

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Biology 308 F2010 Lecture Syllabus - Biology 308...

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