Mid6 - The most common output device would be a(n) T a....

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51. (Points: 2) What are the two major software types? W a. System analysis and data warehousing a b. Operating and utilities b c. System and application S d. Database management and application d Save Answer 52. (Points: 2) Which program, among the following, allows a user to eliminate unwanted file fragments and maximize on optimizing computer operations? o a. System software a b. Operating system b c. Application software c d. Utilities d Save Answer 53. (Points: 2) System software would include all of the following except S a. operating systems. a b. device drivers. b c. utilities. c d. desktop publishing. d Save Answer 54. (Points: 2) Desktop, notebook, tablet PC, and handheld computers would be classified as D a. mainframe computers. a b. supercomputers. s c. minicomputers. c d. microcomputers. d Save Answer 55. (Points: 2) Which of the following will not retain data after the computer is turned off? W a. DVD a b. RAM b c. ROM c d. Hard drive d Save Answer 56. (Points: 2)
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Unformatted text preview: The most common output device would be a(n) T a. monitor. a b. optical disc. b c. set of speakers. c d. USB drive. d Save Answer 57. (Points: 2) The most widely used communication device is T a. a personal computer. a b. the Internet. b c. a telephone line. c d. a modem. m Save Answer 58. (Points: 2) The _____ can be correlated to a giant highway that connects one to millions of other people and organizations located throughout the world. l a. network a b. system b c. Web c d. Internet d Save Answer 59. (Points: 2) A storage device that consists of rigid metallic platters used to store programs and very large data files is called a(n) a a. floppy disk. a b. optical disk. b c. DVD. c d. hard disk. d Save Answer 60. (Points: 2) "Background" software that allows the computers to work is called " a. shareware. a b. application software. b c. desktop. d d. system software. d Save Answer...
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Mid6 - The most common output device would be a(n) T a....

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