Mid7 - P a. metasearch engines a b. Webcrawlers b c....

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61. (Points: 2) Launched in 1969 as a U.S funded project that developed a national computer network, the Internet was initially called __________. c a. World Wide Web a b. Intranet b c. NSFNet c d. ARPANET d Save Answer 62. (Points: 2) The extensions .gov, .edu, .mil, and, .net are called T a. top-level domains. a b. e-mail targets. b c. domain extensions. c d. mail to addresses. m Save Answer 63. (Points: 2) In the Web address "[email protected]", what is the domain name? I a. The whole address is called the domain name. d b. .org b c. justincase c d. usource.org d Save Answer 64. (Points: 2) Connections to other documents or to other locations within a Web site are C a. filters. a b. hyperlinks. b c. plug-ins. c d. bots. b Save Answer 65. (Points: 2) Applets are written in which programming language? A a. XML a b. Basic b c. Pascal c d. Java d Save Answer 66. (Points: 2) Programs that automatically submit your search request to several search engines simultaneously are called ____.
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Unformatted text preview: P a. metasearch engines a b. Webcrawlers b c. spiders c d. hits d Save Answer 67. (Points: 2) This often resembles the electronic of the classifieds ads or an auction. T a. B2C a b. C2C b c. B2P c d. B2B d Save Answe r 68. (Points: 2) Which one of the following has been difficult to enforce due to the fact that over 50 percent of all spam originates from servers outside the United States? o a. Spam blockers a b. E-mail filter options b c. Photo identity c d. CAN-SPAM Act C Save Answer 69. (Points: 2) When surfing the Web, the browser interprets the HTML command found in a document file, and displays it as a(n) a a. Web page. a b. Java page. b c. Applet page. c d. domain page d Save Answer 70. (Points: 2) The domain name is the name of the _____ where the resource is located. T a. website a b. server b c. locator c d. language d Save Answer...
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Mid7 - P a. metasearch engines a b. Webcrawlers b c....

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