Mid8 - d Sa ve Answer 76. (Points: 2) Norton System Works...

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71. (Points: 2) While working on a document the verbal command "copy" is given and the selected text gets copied. This means that the application supports t a. input keys. a b. internal inputs. b c. speech recognition. c d. commands. d Save Answer 72. (Points: 2) If you need to create documents that consist primarily of text, you need this software. I a. Presentation graphics a b. Word processor W c. Spreadsheets c d. Database management d Save Answer 73. (Points: 2) The purpose of this software program is to manipulate numeric data. T a. Database manager a b. Presentation b c. Math Function F d. Spreadsheet d Save Answer 74. (Points: 2) The electronic equivalent of a file cabinet is a T a. database. a b. word processor. b c. spreadsheet. c d. table. d Save Answer 75. (Points: 2) Programs that combine a variety of visual objects to create attractive, visually interesting presentations are called P a. graphs. a b. presentation graphics. b c. diagrams. c d. charts.
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Unformatted text preview: d Sa ve Answer 76. (Points: 2) Norton System Works is classified as this type of software suite. N a. Utility a b. Productivity b c. Personal c d. Specialized d Save Answer 77. (Points: 2) A question or a request for specific data contained in a database is referred to as a A a. form. a b. report. b c. applet. c d. query. q Save Answer 78. (Points: 2) In a spreadsheet, a cell is defined as the I a. intersection of a table and a tuplet. a b. intersection of a file and a database. d c. intersection of a row and column. c d. intersection of a field and a record. d Save Answer 79. (Points: 2) Spreadsheet programs create S a. workbook files. a b. text documents. b c. graphical representations. c d. tools to enter, retrieve and edit data. r Save Answer 80. (Points: 2) The height of a character is called its T a. font size. a b. format. b c. pixel. c d. design. d Save Answer...
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Mid8 - d Sa ve Answer 76. (Points: 2) Norton System Works...

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