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Midterm10 - A a Windows a b Be O/S b c Linux c d Mac OS d...

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91. (Points: 2) This type of boot occurs when the computer is already on and you restart it without turning off the power. T a. Generic boot G b. Live boot b c. Warm boot c d. Cold boot d Save Answer 92. (Points: 2) In a computer system, data and programs are stored as I a. files. a b. records. b c. archives. c d. annals. d Save Answer 93. (Points: 2) Most applications developed in the market are typically run on M a. Macintosh. a b. Netware. b c. Linux. c d. Windows. d Save Answer 94. (Points: 2) Identify which of the following statements is not true. I a. Microsoft Windows is popular among 90 percent of the market. m b. Windows XP is the most widely used version of Windows. b c. Mac OS is not popular since its features are not easy-to-use. a d. One of the latest versions of Mac OS is called ‘Tiger'. d Save Answer 95. (Points: 2) This version of UNIX is receiving a lot of attention recently. T a. Macintosh a b. Netware b c. Linux c d. Windows d Save Answer 96. (Points: 2) Apple computers use which operating system?
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Unformatted text preview: A a. Windows a b. Be O/S b c. Linux c d. Mac OS d Save Answer 97. (Points: 2) After a period of time, a hard disk becomes highly A a. fragmented. a b. contiguous. b c. sectored. c d. disbursed. d Save Answer 98. (Points: 2) Whenever you add a new peripheral to a computer system, this must be installed before you can use it. W a. Wizard a b. Icon b c. Device driver c d. Norton SystemWorks d Save Answer 99. (Points: 2) A computer can become infected with viruses in the following ways, except A a. by opening attachments to e-mail messages. m b. by downloading software from the Internet. b c. by downloading files from the web. c d. by creating a new folder on your computer. n S ave Answer 100. (Points: 2) To safely remove a program from your computer, you might want to use this type of utility. T a. Backup program a b. File compression program F c. Troubleshooting program c d. Uninstall program d Save Answer...
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Midterm10 - A a Windows a b Be O/S b c Linux c d Mac OS d...

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