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ASSESSMENT-1 - new or enhanced knowledge on your Learning...

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ASSESSMENT Circle the correct response for each question: 1. True or False : The Work Experience class is a composite class, which means that BUS 498, WEXP 198, 298 and 498 all meet as one class. 2. True or False : You can take this class only if you have a job, internship or volunteer position. 3. True or False : Your workplace location must be within 20-23 miles of the Sacramento region. 4. True or False: A relative or friend can serve as your site supervisor for this class. 5. True or False : There are two types of homework assignments: Title V documents and brief writing assignments based on the 21 st century workplace. 6. True or False : You can take a WEXP class only if you can show
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Unformatted text preview: new or enhanced knowledge on your Learning Objectives form. 7. True or False : You can submit late Title V documents and still get full credit. 8. True or False : You can submit late writing assignments and still get partial credit. 9. True or False : You must have an active Imail account. 10. True or False : You can take more than one Work Experience class per semester. 11. True of False: You may use as many current jobs as you wish for credit in the Work Experience class. Your Name:_________________________________________________ Student ID:_________________________...
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