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l - 00007 - hold for halal except that meat(in addition to...

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3 More Examples ! Rondelé is Kosher-D ! Noodle soup is Parve ! Tam Tam is Parve (Pareve), but not for Passover What do the Words Themselves Mean? ! Kosher = Proper Treif = Not Kosher ! Halal = Lawful Haram = Prohibited Initial Clarifications ! Kosher food is not blessed ! A product is or is not kosher according to whether it follows the rules not because the rabbi is there ! Essentially the same rules
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Unformatted text preview: hold for halal except that meat (in addition to having to follow the rules) must also be blessed Kosher Laws ! Generally covers four major areas: ! 1. The allowed animals ! Ruminants ! Split hoof and chew their cud ! E.g., cow, sheep, goat, deer, giraffe ! Traditional domestic birds ! But not ostrich, emu, rhea ! Fish ! With fins and removable scales...
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